Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Frozen Fire...

Dusty, a young teenage girl, is at home late at night when she gets a strange phone call from an unknown boy. Okay, so it's new year's night - there should be lots of prank calls. But somehow, the boy's pleading seems quite real. Is he really trying to kill himself? But when Dusty sets out to help, she finds herself in a lot more trouble than she had bargained for. She hears disturbing rumours and is accused of crime. She finds herself being chased across the city by thugs and the police, all the while trying to solve the mysteries of the strange boy and her beloved brother's sudden disappearance.
And what does the strange boy know about it?
An amazing and disturbing story with a sharp twist at the end - a must-read!
Age group:12+
Series: No series
Author: Tim Bowler

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