Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Will wakes up in hospital. He can't remember - there was a crash, yes, but before; what was his life like? Who was he?
As Will struggles to uncover the secrets of his past, he realises there is something wrong with the village where he lives. Who is the ghostly girl he keeps imagining? Who is Muck, the mysterious homeless child?
Will realises that something terrible has happened here. But what? And who are the strange, masked figures who try to assassinate him? What has he done wrong? As he comes closer and closer to the distant memories, his life comes closer and closer to ending...
Read this thrilling mystery that will send shivers down your spine and spiders crawling up your arms...

Age group:12+
Series: No series
Author: Tim Bowler

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  1. Hi Chocolat,

    Your reviews are ace! You make me want to read the books I haven't read yet - like Bloodchild and Knife - and re-read the one's I have - like Northern Lights.
    Really looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

    Mu x